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Schedule of Evidence

The documents below form the local evidence supporting the proposed policies in the pre-submission version of the Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan.

The list below contains all documents prepared, collected and reviewed in the process of preparing the Plan. 

Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan (RNP) Core Documents
RNP Screening Opinion SEA/HRA NFDC
RNP Screening Opinion SEA/HRA NFNPA
Design and Heritage Team Assessment of Beaumont Park
Building for a Healthy Life Appraisal of Moortown Lane
Building for a Healthy Life tool 
Article 4 Case
Shopkeeper’s Survey Report Final Version Jan 22
Shoppers’ Survey Report TCWG NP (November 2021)
Stakeholders Research Summary for 10 Feb 2022
Energy Efficient Buildings – survey analysis
Policy R11 Evidence Base V2  (Energy efficient housing)
Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan Viability Report 2022
Parish Nature Recovery Plan comprising
E2 PNSRG Overview Principles Intent Proposed Policies
E2 PNRSG Appendix 1 Policy Map
E2 PNRSG Appendix 2 Biodiversity
E2 PNRSG Appendix 3 Detailed geographical features
E2 PNRSG Appendix 4 Dark skies
E2 PNSRG Appendix 5 Planning Process
E2 PNSRG References
Nature Recovery Survey Results NP
NP Housing Evidence Summary (contains following references)
– H1. NP-HOU1 extract sizes.doc (NFDC Local Plan Part 1 Policy HOU1 (page 5))
– H2. NP Housing Survey Summary
– H3. NP Housing Register NFDC 211122 (Example of NFDC Housing Register for those seeking subsidised housing in Ringwood)
– H4. NP Estate Agent Survey Housing Demand (Ringwood Estate Agents Survey Findings)
– H5 NPNF Income ONS data (Average Incomes New Forest)
– H6. NPNF House Prices 2021 Land Registry
– H7. NP Final HNA 2022 (AECOM Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan Housing Needs Assessment)
– H8. NPH First Homes NFDC Advice Note July 2022
– H9. NP First Homes Basingstoke
– H10 NPH s106 Marnhull (First Homes Marnhull s106 Agreement)
– H11 National Policy guidance First Homes
– H12. NPH Reaching NFDC Housing Indicative Target
– H13. Beaumont Park Survey Results 
– H14. NPSiteAssessFeb23 Update – Initial assessment of possible small housing sites
– H15. NP Site Maps Oct 22 – Map of possible housing sites
Ringwood Town Futures – Youth Report
Ringwood Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) Provisional Report May 2021
Ringwood LCWIP Annexes
NFDC / NFNPA Local Plan and Evidence documents
NFDC Local Plan 2016 – 2036 Part One: Planning Strategy (July 2020)
NFDC Local Plan Part 2: Sites and Development Management (2014)
NFDC Housing Register (April 2021)
NFDC Brownfield Sites Map
NFDC Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment  Appendix 11: Ringwood  29 June 2018 
NFDC Strategic Land Assessment (Sustainability Appraisal for Local Plan 2020)- Ringwood
NFDC Statement of Housing Land Supply and Housing Trajectory 2016-2036 – Position as of 1 April 2020 
NFDC Community Led Housing policy
NFDC Shopfront Design Guide
NFDC Ringwood Conservation Area appraisal
NFDC Mitigation Strategy for European Sites SPD 
NFDC Mitigation for Recreational Impacts on New Forest
NFDC Declaration of Climate & Nature Emergency
Ringwood Local Distinctiveness SPD (2013)
Ringwood Town Access Plan (2011)
New Forest National Park Local Plan 2016 – 2036 (August 2019) 
New Forest National Park Design Guide (2022)
New Forest National Park – Partnership Plan (2022 – 2027) 
New Forest SAC/SPA/Ramsar: Impacts of recreational use and potential mitigation approaches
Other Background Documents
Hampshire CC Integrated Character Assessment (2010)
National Design Guide (October 2019)
A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment (HMG Jan 2018)
The Lawton Report ‘Space for Nature’
HCC Hampshire Energy Strategy 2012
HCC Local Transport Plan 4 (DRAFT) April 2022
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