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Who’s Been Involved?

Our steering committee is made up of town councillors, members of the public and specialist local professionals including architects and those involved in the property sector. They are

  • Cllr John Haywood (Chair)
  • Cllr Philip Day
  • Cllr Luke Dadford
  • Cllr Gareth DeBoos (Environment Lead)
  • Cllr Mary DeBoos (Project Manager)
  • Cllr Janet Georgiou (Town Centre Lead)
  • Jo Hurd (Deputy Town Clerk)
  • Joe Moorhouse (Design and Heritage Lead)
  • Tim Moxey
  • Geoff Ridgway
  • Mark Ruckwood
  • Cllr James Swyer
  • Chris Treleaven (Housing Lead)

They have been supported by many of other people and groups, without whose input we would not have reached the point of having a Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan.  We would like to extend thanks to all of the following

Design & Heritage Team: Led by Joe Moorhouse 

  • Alex Bancroft
  • Catherine Cluett
  • Noel Ham
  • Mark Ruckwood

Environment Team: Led by Cllr Gareth DeBoos

  • Darren Hall
  • Tim Moxey (also on SG)
  • Nigel Reeder
  • Georgina Weaver
  • Nature Recovery Working Party
    • Bob Chapman, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (retired)
    • New Forest National Park Authority planning policy team
  • SAP12 advice:
    • Natalie Wheeler, RS Energy
  • Biodiversity mapping:
    • Nicky Court and her team at Hampshire Biodiversity Information CentreTownT

Housing: Led by Chris Treleaven

  • Cllr Philip Day
  • Cllr Peter Kelleher
  • Geoff Ridgway
  • Cllr Glenys Turner
  • Phil West

Town Centre: Led by Cllr Janet Georgiou

  • Pat Orchard
  • Kim Heitt
  • Ed Orchard

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