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Which places in Ringwood mean something to you?

We are fortunate to have many wonderful buildings in Ringwood, some of which are already nationally listed.

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, we are asking you the local community to share their views on the importance of other locally significant heritage assets in Ringwood. With your help, we will produce a local list of these sites.

“This is a really exciting project for everyone who values our town’s heritage.  We can’t wait to find out about the hidden gems throughout the parish of Ringwood”, say Alex Bancroft and Joe Moorhouse, who are hoping to encourage as many people as possible to share the places they love.

Why are we doing this?

Local Listing provides an opportunity for communities to have their views on local heritage heard and recognises the importance we place on the historic environment. Local lists play an essential role in building and reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness in the historic environment and strengthen the role of local heritage assets as a material consideration in the planning process.

What can be locally listed?

Examples of local listing include houses, other buildings, archaeological sites, monuments, sites, places, areas, street furniture, gardens and designed landscapes or almost any other built forms.

We’d like to hear from you if you think a part of Ringwood deserves this type of designation. Please complete the short form to let us know what you feel should be added to our Local List.

Please click here to complete the survey a share your views.

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