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What housing does Ringwood need now?

With national and local housing targets on the rise, Ringwood Neighbourhood Plan is looking to understand the needs of those who live and work in the town. A new survey builds on research undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan committee to understand the type of housing need to cater for current residents, expanding families and future generations.

With more jobs set to be created in the area, there will be an increased need for housing of all types and the survey aims to understand more about the housing need to ensure that the Neighbourhood Plan works for the whole community and allows the area to prosper.

Chris Treleaven, who heads the Plan’s housing group, urges all those in the area to take part in the survey. “We want the Neighbourhood Plan to provide suitable housing for everyone, from retirees to young families and single people looking to live and work in the town”, says Chris. “This survey is key to understanding what people need and how they feel about local housing.”

While New Forest District Council set the overall housing targets for the area, it is hoped that the Neighbourhood Plan can provide a framework for good housing policy and demonstrate what housing Ringwood needs.

More than 500 people completed the latest Neighbourhood Plan survey on the town centre and the group is hoping that the housing questionnaire will have an even greater level of response.

Asking questions such as suitable prices for rental and home-owning, what housing is most need and attitudes on building on Green Belt sites, the survey takes less than five minutes. You can complete it here.

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